Unique Project | Huge Potential

MASTERM (MXMX) is the flagship token of MasterM, a music project with consolidated collaborations with world-famous music stars (such as Alexandra Stan, Fatman Scoop, 24Hrs, Sean Kingston etc) and worldwide distribution guaranteed by Sony Music.

MasterM is destined to rule in the Crypto world and represent his life and adventures in NFTs and games.

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10-12 July 2024

FairLaunch of MASTERM (MXMX) Token on BASE CHAIN - Go to Fairlaunch Page

MASTERM (MXMX) on Base Chain Features

ca: 0x15ecA4211099f89FD84bB6db59532670e2817FA3

Supply: 100M taxes: 0/0

12 July 2024

MASTERM (MXMX) token will be launched and will be available for trading both on UniSwap and MelegaSwap


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"Two Can Play That Game"

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Road Map

Phase 1: Concept | Music Productions | NFT collections | Website and Social Channels

Phase 2: Token Launch on BSC & BASE CHAIN | Community Building till 100K followers on at least one channel

Phase 3: MasterM Games | MasterM project world takeover